Shipping and Returns

Customer / Consumer are advised make sure orders are placed with absolute confidence it is the product and item that you agree to purchase. Customer will have to contact Holdfast Components on the 1300 Number to make claim for return on purchase of item & product.

  1. Returns will be considered by Holdfast Components before any action is taken for approval of return of item & product.
  2. Holdfast Components will accept returns in good faith on grounds of the customer not satisfied with the item & product.
  3. Returns will only be accepted in 21 days of the purchase date stated on tax invoice. Customer must retain Tax Invoice & Receipt purchased with item & product as Proof of Purchase.

    (If customer can’t provide Proof of Purchase of Tax Invoice or Receipt, Holdfast Components will not & cannot take action for any return claim).

  4. Return on item & product must be made to or shipped back to Holdfast Components, 5a Dib Court, Tullamarine, Vic, 3043. Return item & product shipping are at the customer expense only. (Holdfast Components will not be liable for any shipping expense return on item & product under any circumstance).
  5. Holdfast Components can either replace the item or product or a refund will be provided of same value as Tax Invoice.

    Refund are based on agreement reached between the 2 parties, Holdfast Components and the customer, Refund claims will be processed within 5 to 10 working days.

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