Sofa Bed Action Tri Fold (Double, Queen)


Sofa Bed Action Tri Fold
Furniture TFN60 M10 Double 3 Fold Sofa Bed Action & Double Sided Inner Spring Mattress x 100mm-T Double
Furniture TFN68 M10 Queen 3 Fold Sofa Bed Action & Queen Sided Inner Spring Mattress x 100mm-T Queen


Cover base available with Polydeck/Metal Grid/Birch Slats or mixture of two or four.
Allows extra narrow mounting depth (64cm) to well match with the depth of Zero Wall Recliner.

Frame Size(mm) A 1600 1500 1400 1200 1000
Mechanism Size (inches) B 68 64 60 52 44
Model Number TFN68 TFN64 TFN60 TFN52 TFN44
Mattress Size(cm) C 153x186x10 143x186x10 133x186x10 113x186x10 93x186x10
Fully Assembled Qty/40HQ 200 228 228 252 288
Partly Assembled Qty/40HQ 800 830 870 920 970

1. Very comfortable with 10cm innerspring mattress or 9cm foam mattress.
2. Designed to operate in Chairs, Loveseat, Sofas and Sectionals.
3. Fits recliner sectional style very well because of narrow mounting depth.
4. U-bar is necessary if people in some market like to sit on open bed.
5. Fire-proof and air-breath polydeck base for hotel safety and health.
6. Optional for Step-2 lock design to avoid wrong operation.
7. TFN00C allows very narrow space for hotel rooms
8. Partly assembled version means no need to rivet for DIY purpose.

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Double, Queen

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